three vibrant leaf suncatchers with green, orange, red and yellow sharpie markers
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Fall Leaf Suncatchers

Pinterest pin for DIY Leaf Suncatcher. Vibrant fall colored suncatchers made with black glue and sharpie markers

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Welcome crafty friends! Fall will be here before we know it. and it’s the perfect time to start looking for some fun and creative fall crafts to do with the kids. Today, I’m thrilled to share a super fun project: Fall Leaf Suncatchers using black glue. These suncatchers are the perfect fall craft for kids……and I might add, fun for adults too!, Fall brings a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors, so I thought these leaf suncatchers would bring a bit of that warm, cozy fall vibe indoors. Not only that, the kids will love seeing their creations hanging in the window for all to see.

If you’ve never used black glue before, you’re in for a treat. It’s so much fun to craft with and makes the most stunning, creative art projects. I had a blast making these abstract black glue art pieces. The possibilities are endless, and it adds a unique, creative twist to any project. So give black glue art a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Alright, lets gather some supplies, round up the kids and dive into this fun fall craft.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

What You Need

supplies for leaf templates: plastic sheets, black glue, sharpie markers, leaf template, tape, scissors

What To Do

Step 1

Begin by making your black glue if you don’t have any on hand. You can find the instructions to make it here. It’s super quick and easy. Just one part white glue and one part black acrylic craft paint.


Step 2

Gather some leaves and trace them onto white paper, or hand draw leaves, or use the free printable leaf template I’ve created. Tape the leaf template to the plastic sheet to use as a guide for the black glue.

Step 3

Trace the leaf outline with your black glue. You may find you’ll need to squeeze the glue outside of the template lines, since the glue spreads quite a bit. Let it dry over night

tracing leaf template with black glue

Step 4

Once the black glue is dry, Use the sharpie markers to color in the empty spaces. You can color in each space a solid color, or experiment with blending the colors together. Both ways make stunning suncatchers. Just have fun with it.

coloring leaf suncatcher with yellow marker
double photo. one is coloring leaf suncatcher with red marker. second is coloring leaf suncatcher with yellow marker

My Process for Blending Colors

You can definitely get creative, have fun and do your own thing. But if you’re interested in how I blended the leaf colors then continue reading.

I started with coloring most of the section yellow. Then added a bit of red and orange to the opposite end of the section.

With the yellow marker, I colored over the red and orange pulling it down into the yellow. You really don’t need a lot of red marker. It really spreads out when you’re blending.

close up picture coloring leaf suncatcher with yellow sharpie marker

Step 5

Cut around the leaf. This doesn’t have to be exact since it’s clear and won’t show once it’s on the window. Add a piece of double sided tape and hang in the window

vibrant colored leaf suncatcher being cut out
leaf suncatchers in a window
four vibrant leaf suncatchers with green, orange, red and yellow sharpie markers
large vibrant leaf suncatchers with green, orange, red and yellow sharpie markers

Aren’t these so beautiful. I’m sure your kids will love making these fall leaf suncatchers!

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