How to Make Chalk Paint
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How to Make Chalk Paint

How to Make Chalk Paint

Today’s the day! I’m going to show you how to make chalk paint! For so long, I’ve drooled over many awesome posts of thrift store finds re-purposed with chalk paint and transformed into absolutely stunning pieces! Well, I’m finally going to dive in and give it a try. My son and I found this dresser for his apartment that he wants  to paint grey. You can read the full tutorial, and see the beautiful transformation of his dresser makeover here.

I was in shock when I looked at the price of chalk paint in Home Depot! $30 for 1 small can?! Nope…..gosh we only paid $20 for the dresser!

how to make your own chalk paint

So off to Walmart we went. We found the perfect light grey paint that he wanted in a tester can for $5…… that’s better! Now lets go make some DIY Chalk Paint!


How To Make Chalk Paint

What You’ll Need

How to Make Chalk Paint

What To Do

How to Make Chalk Paint

1. Mix 1 part plaster of paris with a small amount of water…..just enough water to make a smooth paste.

2. Add 3 parts of paint to the plaster of paris paste.

3. Paint away! Don’t forget to seal your painted project with a clear wax or water base Verathane

How to Make Chalk PaintHow to Make Chalk Paint


Super Easy! Go ahead, give it a try!

Happy DIYing


4 thoughts on “How to Make Chalk Paint”

    1. Hi Cathy,
      When I refer to “parts”, it just means that you can use any measurement you like. For example, if you don’t need a lot of paint for a project, a tablespoon might be your measuring “part”. In this recipe, you would add 3 tablespoons of paint, to 1 tablespoon plaster of pairs.
      If you need a larger amount of paint mixed, maybe 1 cup would be your measuring “part” which would be 3 cups paint, 1 cup plaster of Paris in this recipe.

      Hope that clears it up for you.

      The black paint in the picture was because I was mixing black and white to make a grey paint for the dresser. The grey paint in the cup was the color I made. (I just don’t have the white paint in the picture)
      Have a great day!

  1. Carrie, Thank you so much for great tutorial. You took all the scare out of my idea to transform my old oak bedroom furniture! You instilled the desire in me. Now to find the time!

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