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Teacher Survival Kit Gift

teacher survival kit gift

Why does it always seem like summer flies by so fast!? Seriously, it feels like the kids just ended the school year, and now we’re gearing up to start again! With only a couple weeks left before school starts, we thought we would do up a really fun Teacher Survival Kit gift.

I truly admire and honor teachers. It can’t be an easy job . I know very well……I home schooled my children for many years before my husband passed away. Teaching my kids was awesome and extremely rewarding,  but it’s a lot of work and takes serious organizational skills! I can imagine how much more work for a teacher with 20-30 students. They definitely deserve a  little encouragement throughout the year. In today’s post I’ll show you how to put together this perfect little gift to start off the year. It’s so easy to do and is sure to bring a smile to their face!

You could also use this idea for a gift at Christmas time using Christmas tissue and ribbon, and adding some homemade baked goods. I love it because it’s so customizable……just use your imagination.

Teacher Survival Kit gift

Teacher Survival Kit Gift

What You Need

  • cute container of your choice
  • pattern/plain tissue
  • decorative shred
  • ribbon and printable tag
  • Choose whatever items you would like to add to the kit. Here’s some suggestions to get you started

teacher survival kit gift

Here’s some of the items I put in our kit.

Suggested items :

hand sanitizer

hand cream

tide to go

lint roller



chocolate bar



lip balm



What To Do:

  1. Simply line your container with pretty tissue and arrange the items you’ve chosen to your container.
  2. Attach the free printable gift tag with some pretty ribbon.  Teacher's Survival Kit Card PDF

teacher survival kit gift

teacher survival kit gift

teacher survival kit gift

teacher survival kit gift

There you go! How nice and easy was that? And what a cute gift…..guaranteed to make your teacher’s day!

Until next time…..Happy DIYing

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teacher survival kit gift

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