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DIY Stuffed Animal Storage

YAY, it’s the weekend! Hope you’re having a good one friends! I’ve been MIA through the holiday season super busy working 2 jobs. Now that things are somewhat back on track, it’s time to get caught up on some DIY’s. Today I’ll be showing you a DIY Stuffed Animal Storage solution!

Is any one else’s home over run with stuffed animals? My youngest daughter’s bed had so many stuffies, I’m not sure how she found a space to sleep! It’s been a constant battle to find a storage solution that will display her special collection, but will also keep them neat and out of the way. Pleeeease tell me there’s someone else out there who can relate?!

When I was in Walmart picking up some paint samples for a craft, I spotted these cute storage crates and I knew this was what I was looking for! Now to convince my daughter to ‘let go’ of a big chunk of her collection……wish me luck!

DIY Quick & Easy Stuffie Storage

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage

What You Need:

  • wooden crate
  • stain or paint of choice
  • Verathane top coat
  • hardware to hang

What to Do:

I purchased 3 wooden crates, and stained them with some Minwax stain in Dark Walnut. Then I gave it a coat of satin finish Verathane


DIY Quick & Easy Stuffie Storage

When they were dry, I added some hardware to hang them. The tricky part of this project was measuring to space the crates evenly on the wall. Can I just say that Math isn’t my strong point.

DIY Quick & Easy Stuffie Storage

It’s as simple as that! Now to add all the cherished stuffies! By the way, my daughter did very well letting go of stuffies that weren’t as important to her…..proud mom moment! She must be growing up!

DIY Quick & Easy Stuffie Storage


DIY Quick & Easy Stuffie Storage

This was the perfect storage solution for us……and so easy to make. It not only looks super cute on my daughters bedroom wall, but it keeps everything neat and tidy! It’s a ‘Win Win’ situation!

Give it a try and be sure to post your pictures under “tried it” on my Pinterest pin

Until next time…..

Happy DIYing


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DIY quick & easy stuffie storage


DIY Stuffed Animal Storage


DIY stuffed animal storage

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