Balloon Pop Painting
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Balloon Pop Painting~Creative Painting for Kids

Balloon Pop Painting


Alright……THIS has got to be one of the most fun kids crafts we’ve ever done! Warning: Balloon Pop Painting is messy…..but so much fun, and SO worth it!

We’ve been in a crazy whirlwind of a summer this year. A few weeks back, our basement flooded due to heavy rain, so much of my basement (storage boxes) has been in my dining room for weeks until we get everything cleaned up and sorted out with the insurance company. Soooooo, I’ve had to be creative with ideas for my daughter, Trinity’s YouTube channel. Since our dining room table isn’t an option for filming at the moment, I’ve been coming up with things we can film outside or in her bedroom. So far, so good! Nobody would know the chaos that’s around us right now…

Anyway, I’m not sure how I even thought of this, but one day as I stood in the kitchen doing dishes, I was thinking of the scene in Princess Diaries where Mia and her mother were creating Balloon Dart Art, by throwing darts at a huge canvas with balloons filled with paint. So I thought we would do that on a much smaller scale and minus the darts! How fun will that be?!

NOTE: We experimented a bit with balloons. Since we only have one shot when we’re filming, I wanted to be sure it would work well. I tried regular balloons and water balloons. The regular balloon were definitely easier to fill with paint but when popped it was more of a color splotch than a nice splatter. I ended up using tiny water balloons for the video and they were a bit more tedious and time consuming to fill with paint and blow up. You can’t fit too much paint inside them before it starts overflowing. That being said, the water balloons made a much prettier splatter than the regular balloons. If you don’t mind spending a bit more time filling the balloons, then I’d highly recommend using the water balloons. If you want quick and easy, go with regular balloons.

Balloon Pop Painting~ Creative Painting for Kids

What You Need:

  • canvas of any size you’d like
  • balloons (I recommend water balloons)
  • acrylic paint (colors of your choice)
  • tape
  • pin (or darts)

balloon pop painting

Balloon Pop Painting

Don’t you just love all these bright colored paints?

What To Do:


Fill your balloons with a bit of paint, then blow them up a little bit and tie them off.

Balloon Pop Painting


Balloon Pop Painting

I just squeezed the mouth of the balloon around a bicycle pump since we didn’t have a balloon pump (using the pin to inflate basketballs). This worked perfectly!


Tape your balloons to your canvas

Balloon Pop Painting


Balloon Pop Painting

Ready! Set! POP!


Pop the balloons to make a beautiful paint splatter piece of art!

Balloon Pop Painting

This was such a fun craft. I’d highly recommend creating a Balloon Pop Painting with your children. Be sure to have an old plastic cloth down (I used a plastic table cloth that I could throw out after) and nothing in the area when you pop because the paint really splatters. I was sure to put old clothes on Trinity that she was growing out of and she wouldn’t wear again.

Balloon Pop Painting


Balloon Pop Painting

I think the painting turned out beautiful! And she loves her colorful hands too! 😉

I don’t mind a little mess if it’s going to bring my children memories to last a lifetime.

Balloon Pop Painting

Happy painting!

Until next time

Balloon Pop Painting

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    1. Thanks Brandy! This was such a FUN craft! It’s definitely messy, but so worth it! Thanks for stopping by!

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