money saving plan
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Money Saving Plan

Does anyone else have trouble saving money……or is it just me? Do you have a money saving plan in place? All my life, saving money has been so out of reach for me……or so I thought! It was always something I dreamed of doing in the future when I make more money!  In my teens, …

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Teacher's Survival Kit
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Teacher Survival Kit Gift

Why does it always seem like summer flies by so fast!? Seriously, it feels like the kids just ended the school year, and now we’re gearing up to start again! With only a couple weeks left before school starts, we thought we would do up a really fun Teacher Survival Kit gift. I truly admire …

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Aging Galvanized Metal
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How To Age Galvanized Metal

  So many times, while shopping,  I’ve seen such beautiful Farmhouse Style accent pieces like pails, planters, various containers…..etc. but I just can’t bring myself to pay the prices they’re asking. Today I’ll show you  how to age galvanized metal to make your own accent pieces for a fraction of the cost! How cute is …

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