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DIY Speckled Eggs

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diy speckled eggs

diy speckled eggs


Can you believe Easter is right around the corner? That means springtime is coming soon! YAY, it has got to be my favorite season of all! It speaks of ‘new life’, ‘new beginnings’, and ‘HOPE’…..I just love the sounds and smell of spring.

This year I’m having my parents for Easter dinner, so I wanted to make a beautiful table centerpiece. I decided to do some DIY Speckled eggs. I just love the soft, neutral colors. These were super inexpensive, and made with plastic dollar store eggs and craft paint!

Let’s get into the tutorial

What You’ll Need:

diy speckled eggs

What To Do:

I found white plastic eggs at the dollar store, but I wasn’t sure how craft paint would adhere, so I primed them along with the colored eggs. NOTE: If you’re using styrofoam eggs, don’t use spray primer on them. They shrivel up from the spray paint. Make sure you use a box/container to spray them in. This definitely helps cut down on mess!

diy speckled eggs


Spray the eggs with 1-2 coats of white spray paint. This will assure that the craft paint we use to color them will stick.

diy speckled eggsdiy speckled eggs

Now the fun part! Time to get creative. For the beige eggs, I mixed white paint with a bit of brown to make a soft beige. This was my base color. As I applied the beige, I was adding hints of brown in areas. I highly recommend using a sea sponge. It blends the colors together so well, and gives a great effect.

diy speckled eggs

For the blue eggs, I used Robin Egg blue craft paint as my base, adding bits of white , grey or brown on some eggs. I wanted each egg to be different. This part is time consuming, especially if you need a lot of eggs to fill a container, but if you’re an avid ‘crafter’ like me, this part was so much fun!! Honestly, this was like therapy for me, I enjoyed it so much. I loved being creative, I loved seeing how pretty each egg turned out, and I loved spending relaxing time doing something I enjoy…..which I’m sure many of you know, rarely happens as a busy mom.

diy speckled eggs

For the brown speckles, you could also put your colored eggs back in the box, mix up some brown paint with a bit of water, dip in a toothbrush, and splatter the eggs.

I found, using brown paint and a corner of my sea sponge worked just as well.

diy speckled eggs

This was such an enjoyable craft for me. Even though it took most of the day to paint the eggs, I really think it was worth the time. I am absolutely in love with my Easter centerpiece!

diy speckled eggs


diy speckled eggs

Until next time……Happy DIYing



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DIY Speckled Eggs ~ Full Tutorial to make these beautiful DIY speckled eggs. Perfect for your Easter centerpiece!

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